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  Throughout the 1970s Terry 'TW' Williams was a prolific musical artist, and one of the most successful and popular entertainers in Arkansas. Based in Hot Springs, TW performed at virtually all the live music clubs of the area, fronting many different bands and working solo whenever possible.
  While an excellent live performer, he was an especially gifted songwriter. He released his first album, Magic Bottle Of Wine, in 1976. Recorded in Nashville on a 'spec deal' for MCA, he was joined in the studio by a number of uncredited staff musicians.
  At the age of 29, while seemingly on the road to national success, he developed cancer. TW died on June 7 in 1980.
  Following his passing his wife Dian and some of his musical friends gathered many of TWs unreleased recordings to produce his second album, Visions and Realities, which was released that same year.
  Here, for the first time available in digital format, is TWs music.
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