Nowadays most people who are familiar with Peter Read are so because of his publication Nightflying, a regionally distributed music and entertainment magazine based in the mountains of Arkansas. What many do not realize is that prior to starting Nightflying Read toured professionally for many years, performing shows at clubs, colleges and concert halls throughout the country.
  A live performance artist, Read was equally prolific at writing songs, and recorded and released two full-length albums (back in the day when vinyl was still king), playing and selling records from Vancouver, B.C. to Florida, and garnering airplay throughout North America during the 1970s.
  While Read rarely appears live making music he remains an avid composer, producer and arranger, both of his own material and working with other artists.

  The songs here were recorded and released from 1977 through 1983.
His first album, Peter Read/Reter Pead, (December, 1978), was met with "thundering indifference from coast to coast …so I worked harder to make it happen. I fully expected the record to skyrocket up the charts. When it didn't, I figured I just needed to work harder. As a result, I spent 49-1/2 weeks of 1979 on the road."
  The "…just jazz…" record began to materialize in 1980, and was released in 1983. As with most albums sales at first were brisk, only dropping off after the first several months.
  When queried about the album's title, Read pointed out that in his opinion, "the epitomy of music forms is jazz…when any music reaches a level of improvisation it is inherently, jazz, regardless of the flavor of the music. It can be space-age, rock and roll or even country…but if it's essentially improvised music, it's just jazz…"
  "Reter Pead was a life-long pursuit - my first album - but on this record I sort of explored my imagination a bit…"
  Working out with many friends, including a local Dixieland jazz band, the songs on this album are but a second chapter of Peter Read's musical collection.

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